No Fair.

During church, my Mother-in-law always passes around Skittles to everyone (Jordan, me, Trevor, our nieces) toward the end of the hour when we are all kinda losing energy of staying awake or paying attention. (I know, in our twenties and we need a mom to revive us with Skittles) Anyways, every week, WITHOUT FAIL, I get my handful of Skittles and I shove the whole lot of them in my mouth and die of happiness only to be sad that they are gone in two minutes. Jordan on the other hand saves them in his pocket and eats them each one by one. He does this so when we are sitting in gospel doctrine and I have forgotten that Skittles even exist, he pulls one out of his pocket, smirks at me as he throws it in his mouth. Meanwhile my jaw drops and I am so jealous. I just can't help it. I gotta eat them all at once! I'm impatient.


  1. Haha this was funny, this exact things happens to me with mexican candy haha
    Love your pictures btw.

  2. haha, this it totally how my husband and I are!

  3. that is so funny i should try this !! skittles and church what a better combination why didn't i think of this