oh, dorothy. there's no place like home.

Jordan and I are currently in Seattle. Explanation and details of this trip will be saved for another post, but today I had the thought, "I am ready to go home." And then, I had an even more perplexing thought, "Where is home?"

In the last three weeks, we have packed up all of our belongings and shipped it to Texas. We have traveled in our tiny truck through Wyoming down to Denver. Only to soon after go through Kansas and Oklahoma to make our way to Texas, but more specifically to The Lamkin home (Jordan's parents). We were there for only a whole day before we flew to Seattle.

Majority of our things are still in boxes and will stay that way for several months to come. This next year for us is going to be so unstable, as far as living arrangements go, and it makes me uneasy.
When I say "unstable" I just mean with all of our belongings in boxes and not being able to make our own "home" like I had been doing for the last eight months.

People keep asking me if I'm excited to live/move to Texas. Dont ask me that, please. Just because, at this point, I dont know how to answer it. I am not devastated and I'm not super ecstatic either. Honestly, I would probably feel a whole lot more confident about it all if we weren't mooching off of Jordan's parents by taking up space in their home and also living somewhat out of a suitcase for the next six months.

I know everything will be fine, I just don't do well with change.

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  1. I hear ya dude. Such big changes for us little girls that used to wish we were the spice girls.

  2. You will both do great. What an amazing couple.

  3. haha you're funny. thanks for the plug. but it's interesting that denver, texas, and seattle are three of Justin's favorite places.

  4. I suspect those ruby slippers are going to feel comfortable there in Texas before too much time passes. I'm with you though when it comes to change, it's never easy but I always end up learning something from it, whether I like or don't like what I learn, or if I don't figure out what I learned until after life has changed again. Just enjoy the ride!

  5. whata a nice post your work.what a amazing couple.