chapter marriage.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow. After these two days of wonderful sun, it's supposed to snow tomorrow.

On my way home from work today i had the windows down a few inches and I was singing along to a mix cd, very loudly. the singing was loud, not necessarily the CD. even though I know probably no one heard me, i kept feeling this thrill that i was being so obnoxious and young around all these oldies driving home from work. i felt like they were all secretly irritated at my singing. but they had to deal with me cause it was five o clock traffic. Something we're all in together. I just like to think that's what they were feeling. They weren't. The wind on my face was so invigorating though.

I have less than twenty three days until I am Brianne Lamkin, forever. I am so excited. There is light at the end of this tunnel. Working at the daycare this time around has been far from a walk in the park. My hair may be turning gray after dealing with twenty 4 and 5 year olds every day.

But I guess I cannot completely say these few months of being at home have been a total dark tunnel. I have gotten so many things planned for the wedding. beautiful things. Jordan came to visit. I surprised Jordan, not long after, for a visit. I have grown so close with my siblings. i love talking with them so much. We laugh all the time. I've had a place to stay rent free. and a job. I saw alice in wonderland with a couple of those siblings. which was wonderful. I had a bridal shower. There have been a lot of things to be grateful for. I am ready for this next chapter, though.

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  1. I love new chapters. They are always better than the previous one! and I totally did the same thing in 5:00 traffic too. It's like we were together...in spirit...and kind of physically because we might have been on the same freeway.