i'm nineteen.

Right now, I am sitting in my tiny room. Headphones in. Taylor Swift blasting, singing only most of the words right. Sometimes I forget that I am still a teenager, and then I do or say something that tooootally reminds me. I love youth. I love college and this whole environment. It's wonderful having so much to look forward to, so much waiting to unfold for the rest of your life.

I have found, it is the most wonderful thing when you find someone who's personality just clicks with your own. Whether it's a best friend, a teacher, a child, or significant other. It is so refreshing when you can instantly be comfortable with someone. There is laughter, love, comfort, support. I know it is not necessarily possible to have this with everyone, but I have been striving lately to make some kind of connection with the people that I meet. Whether it's to make them laugh, make them comfortable, help them to 'get away' for a time, just listen, build them up, make them feel significant. I am at the beginning of my goal to incorporate this into my life. For whatever reason, I have mostly been a very closed off person. I let very few people in. It's selfish and prideful. My favorite people are the ones that are full of life and things to say and talk with all people about. I want to have this same interest in every person I meet. We can learn so much from one another and teach one another as well, and I have already lost so much time to do that during the years I've been comfortable in my shell.

We all have so much to give each other, and we're meant to do just that. I want to stop thinking about myself, and lose myself in helping others. Many areas in my life will be better because of it, I believe.

On a separate note: my guilty pleasures include Youtube, bananas, and Taylor Swift. Not necessarily all together, or in that order.


  1. this is great :))

    guilty pleasures include: youtube, ingrid michaelson, and cap'n crunch.

  2. You have such a good heart. So few people focus on other people. I think that your goal of making others comfortable or laugh or just enjoy the experience of being with you is beautiful. Because being with you IS beautiful because of the lovilness of your heart. I love watching your life unfold and I think that you are an incredible lady. I think that it is great that you enjoy your age--being a teen and being able to still be young, but on the brink of something more. Thanks for sharing your life via blogging and facebook, and for letting me in a little to your world. It's a great world.

  3. I don't know why it published my comment as anonymous, but it was from me:)

    Tara Eyer

  4. i'm proud of you, bri. its not an easy thing to do. especially when you begin to get close to someone and you get scared....like we talked about yesterday. but once you get the hang of it, its almost like you get a whole new perspective on life. i am in class right now but i was thinking about you...should be paying attention. oh well. i love you.