it's nice outside, mostly.

I am back! In idaho, that is. Boy, have I missed it. I'll tell you the one thing I have not missed though, the dreaded hill I have to walk up every day to class. Sometimes twice a day because a certain someone thought it was a good idea to move to an apartment at the top of said hill. But who's complaining? Actually I just recently saw Hannah Montana: The Movie. (I'll give you a little time to stop laughing before I continue) and there is this new song she has called 'The Climb'. it is very good and I often find myself listening to that song while climbing the hill over and over. the lyrics are as follows: "Ain't about how fast I get there, ain't about what's waitin' on the other siiiiide. IT'S THE CLIMB!" Woo, it's encouraging. I'd suggest it on itunes.

So, can I just say? My roommates are the bestie best. And, they know me so well. They've talked about making bets on how many chapsticks I will go through/lose this semester. i came up here having lost my burt's bees a week before. so i was chapstick-less and considered just not getting any at all so their betting plans would be ruined. (HAH, that'll show 'em) yet alas, my lips started burning with the crave of it and I had to stop by the byu bookstore for some cheap cherry stuff that I have a feeling is just waiting for me to leave it somewhere.

So, I am taking this class called environmental stewardship. basically, it's all about how to treat the environment. the teacher said on the first day of class he didn't expect us to come up with an answer to the exact way to treat it, or exactly what is right or wrong where nature is concerned. that is foundations classes in a nutshell for you. they only just started the foundations classes last year. they're learning as they go with it, which is fine. but there were two things i came away thinking after the first day. one being, there is a lot i do not know about the environment. and two, i just want to get rid of everything I have that is not a necessity. Cell phones, ipods, computers, extra clothes, cars, etc. of course, after I leave the class those thoughts chill out. but still, i think i'm in for a ride with that class.

I miss my siblings. my hair is getting longer and i seem to be getting freckles. but you cant really tell in this, I guess.


  1. Your room looks completely different from this view...

  2. I misread marissa's comment. I thought she said "Your mom looks completely different from this view..." Bahahaha

    And you're turning into a marinos girl--wanting to throw away anything unnecessary, i mean.

  3. a) your room looks cute!
    b) your siblings miss you, too

    and c) why is this "certain someone" not making the trek to YOUR door, hmmmmmm?

  4. That "certain someone" sounds like he is being misrepresented. Because the way it's written makes it sound as if you had to walk up the entire hill when really you only walked up almost half-way to meet him and then he walked with you the rest of the way. At least that's what I heard. Which makes it sound like any good relationship; one that meets each other half-way in all things. Even if its on the hill.

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  6. Ahhh...thanks for clearing that small detail up. ;)

  7. what he doesnt explain is that the hardest part of the hill is the part i walk up by myself to meet him. again, i'm not complaining. i'd go the whole hill if he wanted me too. seriously. :)

  8. Bri. make him come 90. You go 10.

    ...and then on the way back he will have gone 180 and you will have gone 50 (since we're factoring in piggy-back time)