Colorado is really the best place in the world

It is really not fair that we don't appreciate where we are or what we have until we're no longer there or whatever the thing was is gone. Most recently, it's little ol' Colorado. I have realized, that place is really my home. It is where my family is, my friends, my memories from earliest to recent. No where else in the world do I have such an attachment. I used to tell myself I would never live in Colorado when I got older. But now I want more than anything to find someone that will want to raise a family with me there. I used to complain about the weather all the time, but now I actually miss it.
I love telling people I am from Colorado too. I find myself often saying, "In Colorado this would happen...", or, "People in Colorado are like this...", and even, "Well that's not how we do it in Colorado". I would not be surprised if people were sick of it, but I don't care. I love that it's a part of me. I hope it always is.

All in all, I miss you Colorado.