Today is the day I say goodbye to The Secret Life Of Bee. This has been a long time coming and honestly I should have done it way sooner. It's unfortunate when you fall in love with a blog and find yourself really connecting with the author and then one day you realize it's lost that original charm that made you fall in love with it. Whatever drew you to the content in the past isn't there anymore and it feels forced. It's important for me to recognize that this blog has become forced. I have continued to post because I felt like I had to: "People are following along so I should give them SOMETHING." 

I'm not a fashion blogger... have you noticed? I never really was. I attempted it because I knew that was what people wanted. I am a photographer. And as a photographer I can't say I am proud of the work I am putting out. Majority of the time I pick up my camera it's to create something to satisfy others. I haven't been inspired by this site in awhile. I have created content to say the things I think you want to hear, not to say the things I have to say. Because I do have things to say. 

It is time for me to move on from this site and challenge myself and my work. It's time to create for me and not for others. I am starting fresh on a completely new site. It will be different from Secret Life. I would love if you came with me but I mostly want to say thank you. Thank you for supporting this site and every kind word. I have made some wonderful connections over the years. It has been a wonderful outlet for a long time and I will miss it. But ready to create content I am proud of. Find me at...
(There will most likely be updates about music with my sisters on the new blog. You can also check my youtube for that)


Flowers On Flowers

I finally gave in and took pictures of the flowers around here. Good thing about Grand Junction is that there are flowers wherever flowers can be. That makes me real happy.


Things Lately

-I have been watching Downton Abbey these last few weeks. I finished season 3 on Monday and I'm just now getting over my anger toward the last episode. Just a lot of feelings.

-After much pain and suffering, my bangs have finally grown to just below my chin. I have been contemplating chopping all my hair to that length but Jordan voted against it. So I guess I'm waiting a few more months.

-Walking outside barefoot will always be one of my favorite things. I have loved it since I was little.

-In case you wanted to know my favorite seasons of Friends are 7 and 2, in that order.

-I currently have more body issues than a person should probably have.

-Is it possible to find good looking patio furniture anywhere? We have gone to every store in the area and found nothing that we like. We are missing out on decent balcony lounging on these summer nights.

-I have been doing really awful with reading. I've been watching TV instead! Not living up to my goal for the year.

-Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to dinner ideas. *fist pump*


One Year

This week marks one year since we moved to GJ. It's been a generally good year. We have great jobs here. We go to church with great people. We are exponentially closer to my family than we were in Texas, although we miss Jordan's family a lot. We found our kitty here. 

This next year I hope to take advantage of more outdoor activities here. Hope to be brave and make more friends. Hope to make our home even more of a place of rest and comfort for us. 

Let's have another good year, Grand Junction.